Skystar 120

Skystar™ 120 micro tactical aerostat system is based on the Skystar™ 110 model specially designed for a UTV (Utility Task Vehicle) when the client operates off roads.

Creating Advanced Aerostat Systems

The Skystar™ 120 is a highly mobile and rapidly deployed aerostat system, day and night operations at 1,000 feet. It enables high quality information utilizing gyro stabilized payloads and navigation capabilities. The system can be launched in 15 minutes by only two personnel after minimal training.


location of payload
Precise location of payload footprint and targets on a digital map
360º stabalized observation coverage
3-axis stabilize
Unique 3-axis stabilized aerostat payload
gyro stabilized
Day/night laser gyro stabilized payload
Interface with C4I systems
Easy to operate
Easy to operate
Low maintenance
Low maintenance and operation costs
all weather
Operational under all weather conditions and strong winds
military and homeland security
Ideal for military and homeland security operations
Deployment_target coordinates copy 2
Deployment and launch in 30 minutes


Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Target Acquisition

Perimeter security

Skystar 180 at Tokyo

Law enforcement and public safety

Crisis and emergency management

Search and Rescue


Parameter Specification
Aerostat Diameter 11 ft (3.4 m)
Wind Limit 35 knots
Operating Altitude (AGL) 1,000 f (300 m)
Endurance Up to 8 hours
Turn Around Time 15 min
Payload Max. Weight 4 kg

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