At RT we prioritize client’s success by offering comprehensive support services. Our dedicated team is committed to provide incomparable assistance to ensure the optimal performance of SkystarTM aerostat systems. From initial setup and deployment to ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting, RT support its clients all around the world remotely and/or on site.

We apply insights gained from decades of operational and technical experience, transforming them into best practices that are integrated into client’s requirements, resulting in enhanced quality, efficiency, reliability and security



From the aerostat and the airborne package, to the mooring and control stations, all the elements of the Skystar™ systems are designed and manufactured in house.

Training and OJT

Training is provided by RT’s personnel to its clients on site all around the world.

Training courses cover all aspects required to maximize the performance of the client’s SkystarTM aerostat systems.

OJT services are provided by RT’s personnel to its clients on site all around the world.

Through our OJT program, operators and technicians have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in actual operational environments under the guidance of experienced RT’s mentors. This immersive learning experience allows for the development of practical skills, problem-solving abilities, and confidence in handling aerostat systems.


RT provides operational services of the Skystar™ systems as a business model. Customers can purchase Skystar™ services without buying systems or training its personnel.